2018:27 Ocean’s 8

Reviewing Ocean’s 8 is easy… it’s a female led heist movie and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. If you’ve seen any of the other Ocean’s films then you know what you’re going to get, an ensemble cast having fun with a plot that trips along nicely. At the start of this iteration we have […]

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2018.26 Hereditary

If you’ve seen the trailer for this film then you’ll be aware of how the marketing is pitching this film. If you haven’t seen anything about the film and you want to watch it then I’d suggest that you try and avoid everything and go in cold.       Still here?       […]

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TV Movie: Begin Again (2014)

Sunday at 22:50 on BBC2 “A complex, life-changing relationship forms between a talented song writer and the disgraced music executive who is helping her cut her first album.” In the obverse to the Mark Strong “but” game here we have the prime example of the movie “despite” game; Begin Again, starring Keira Knightley and Mark […]

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2018.25: Book Club

My mum used to say “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.” I’m taking my mum’s advice. [Edit] I’ve thought of two things to say. Firstly, the choice of songs for the soundtrack resonated nicely with my youthful days when I actually listened to music and secondly the end was […]

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TV Movie: Teen Wolf (1985)

Tuesday at 00:10 on 5STAR Teen Wolf is one of those classic 80’s teen flicks that I missed the first time around and then again multiple times as it must have been shown several times on the telly since then. As I understand it we have Michael J. Fox as the teenager in high school […]

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2018.24: Solo: A Star Wars Story

With Solo we have a stand-alone tale set in the Star Wars universe, similar to Rogue One from 2016. This one though is set years before the original trilogy, telling some of the origins story of Han Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich, from his days as a youngster struggling to escape with his girlfriend Qi’ra, […]

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2018.23: I Feel Pretty

From the very first scene I knew this was going to be an awful film, it was just so corny and set upon a well trodden path of “Hollywood” ugly duckling (ie not ugly) who’s going to go through a transformation and “become” beautiful. But I was wrong. That first scene aside, it did what […]

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2018.22: On Chesil Beach

On Chesil Beach stars Saoirse Ronan as Florence Ponting and Billy Howle as Edward Mayhew, it’s told primarily from the evening of the young couple’s wedding day when they arrive at a small hotel just off Chesil Beach. We are then whisked back in time to various memories of each of them at key moments […]

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